Audi TT - BC Racing Coilovers

Audi TT - BC Racing Coilovers

Justyn initially brought his Ibis white MK2 TT to us for a full Maxton Design gloss black kit to be fitted alongside a CT Carbon Honeycombe grille. This 'soft mod' quickly snowballed further into some serious aesthetic and performance upgrades. 

We quite regularly supply and install BC Racing coilovers to our customer cars. BC provides a more-than-average amount of drop on all of their coilover solutions while offering adjustable aluminium top mounts and dampening adjustment as standard. If you are however looking for an extreme drop, we also supply the 'BC Racing Extra Low' kits which are guaranteed to meet any static drop demand. 

Justyn wanted to get a slight drop while upgrading the vehicles agility and general handling. 

Out with the over a decade old springs and shocks, replacing them with 6KG springs, height adjustable adjuster cups and shocks. We always install BC Coilovers as they come out of the box as a baseline and then raise or lower to customer expectation.

On a lot of the VAG PQ35 platform cars we find these screws which hold the brakelines and if applicable the electronic dampening wiring to the strut are crusty, missing or rounded. We replace these with a nice stainless bolt to prevent future corrosion. The struts also get coated in copper grease to allow smooth installation.

In case you are curious as to which VAG cars share the PQ35 platform, I've included a full list at the end of the article.

All bolts & nuts which have been removed, refitted and torqued to manufacturer specification get line marked. This allows either us or the customer to check with a quick visual inspection if any of the bolts have moved in the future.

First set down on the new Coilovers and Rotiform ZMO also supplied by us.

As mentioned above, the car came to us completely standard in the past. This is a photo provided by Justyn before the car ever came to us.

As you can see the modlist extends far over a set of coilovers:

Full Maxton Design Gloss Black Kit
CT Carbon Honeycombe Grille
Rotiform ZMO
Stud Conversion
Carbon Diffuser
Quad Tip Exhaust Conversion
Carbon TTRS Spoiler + OEM Spoiler coding
Rear Seat Delete + K Brace Install
Carbon Mirror Caps
Carbon Fuel Filler Flap
RamAir Intake Kit

Find below a few photos of the other modifications this car has gone through with us:

PQ35 platform cars:

Audi A3 Mk2 (8P)

Audi TT Mk2 (8J

Audi Q3 Mk1 (8U)

SEAT León Mk2 (1P)

SEAT Toledo Mk3 (5P)

SEAT Altea (5P)

Škoda Octavia Mk2 (1Z)

Škoda Yeti (5L)

Volkswagen Touran (1T)

Volkswagen Caddy Mk3 (2K)

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 (1K)

Volkswagen Golf Mk6 (5K)

Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 (1K)

Volkswagen Scirocco Mk3 (13)

Volkswagen Jetta Mk6 (1K)

Volkswagen Beetle (A5) (16)

Volkswagen Eos (1F)

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