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Our conversion kit allows your car to use studs in combination with wheel nuts, rather than bolts. These are massively popular with BMW’s, however we have these in a large variety of thread pitches which allows them to be used on pretty much any car!

Stud converting a vehicle has many advantages:

You can use slip on spacers without sacrificing thread engagement and can easily swap between spacers for different applications and wheel setups.

With an open end nut the studs can be left long, there is no need to perfectly fine tune these in regards to spacer thickness. Wheel changing/fitting is a lot easier which is super popular in grip or drift cars where quick wheel changes are essential.

Studs also provide the ability to obtain much more accurate torque values, as studs don’t twist during tightening and only stretch on one axis which provides more accurate and safer clamping forces.

Basically, stud convert your car as makes life easier and lugnuts look cooler 👍🏻

You can choose to purchase these with the basic open ended forged steel black nut, upgrade to some longer forged steel hex or spline drive lugnuts (open or close ended), or to just purchase the studs on their own.

We offer the following thread pitches:


We also offer thread conversion studs. From 1.5 to 1.25.

Our stud conversion kits are priced PER STUD, if you require a full set for a car with 5 studs per wheel please order 20, if the car has 4 per wheel, please order 16.

You can choose between the following three lengths (15mm being the non threaded part):

55 + 15mm Black
62 + 15mm Black
70 + 15mm Black 

The different lengths come in handy when applying wheel spacers to the car.

If choosing to purchase with nuts these are black, with a 60 degree taper.

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